Ten Year Pale Ale

Ten Year Pale Ale

On April 15th we turned TEN, and while we wanted to host a big party etc, things are a bit busy around here – putting the finishing touches on the new brewery next door and prepping for our first caning run next Monday and Tuesday – so since we will be TEN ALL YEAR we decided to wait til things got a bit warmer and we had more time to spend celebrating.  In the meantime Todd, Jeff and the brew crew have crafted up a  lovely PALE ALE to celebrate this milestone.

Availability: April 15, 2014
Style: American Pale Ale

Cape Cod Pale Ale is an easy drinking American Pale Ale. Hints of citrus in the aroma are brought forth from the Cascade hops that blend amiably with a subtle malt sweetness. Perfect for a Spring, or Summer day. Cape Cod Pale Ale exhibits all of the hop qualities that you’d look for in a fine tuned, well crafted Pale Ale.

OG: 12.7°  ABV:5.6%    IBUs: 30
Malts:  2 Row, Crystal, Wheat, & Vienna                          Hops:Northern Brewer & Cascade
Food Pairing: Nachos, Chili, Salsa, Falafel, and Samosas