The Ospreys

Long before there was a Cape Cod Beer at 1336 Phinney’s Lane, there have been Osprey on Cape Cod, and in particular a nest perched atop the cell tower abutting out lot.  Over the years we have watched (and heard!) them return and rebuild their nest, have babies, and teach those babies to fly.

This year we reached out our facebook fans to see if anyone might consider coming to photograph them in exchange for some beer (gotta use what you’ve got right?) Carl Jacobs from Brewster answered the call! Below are a gallery of photos taken on or around April 10th. To learn more about our ospreys please join us at this event

A bit about Carl Jacobs – to see more of his work please visit Carl’s Website:

carl jacobs

I have been passionate about photography for over 40 years. I started black and white developing around the age of 12 and had my own color darkroom up and running a short time after. As digital photography matured, and the tools and software available became more like working in a traditional darkroom, it made more sense for me to embrace the new way.I shoot most of my images with a Canon 7D and various lens combinations. My darkroom is now digital. I prefer limiting my editing to the options I had in the darkroom, but also find some of the new digital tools available beneficial in reproducing what I saw and wanted to capture. HDR software is one example of a new tool I have embraced for some situations. By using multiple exposures and HDR software it is possible to better capture all of the range of lighting and contrast in a scene.I enjoy both the technical and artistic elements of photography. Nature, insects, landscapes, water scenes, sunrises, sunsets, and people are just a few of my favorite subjects. I find a great sense of peace and happiness exploring, capturing, and creating images. Photography is a wonderful way to share my passion with others.

The photos he took: