Cape Cod Pale Ale

Cape Cod Pale Ale

Availability: periodically

Style: American Pale Ale

Description: Smooth and hoppy

Cape Cod Pale Ale is an easy drinking American Pale Ale that was originally brewed in honor of our 10th anniversary. We’ve brought it back because of an overwhelming number of requests! Hints of citrus in the aroma are brought forth from the Cascade hops that blend amiably with a subtle malt sweetness. Perfect for a Summer day. Cape Cod Pale Ale exhibits all of the hop qualities that you’d look for in a fine tuned, well crafted Pale Ale.

OG: 12.7°   ABV:5.6%   IBUs: 30

Malts:  2 Row, Crystal, Wheat, & Vienna

Hops: Northern Brewer & Cascade

Food Pairing: Nachos, chili, salsa, falafel and samosas

Packaging (subject to availability): growlers and on draft

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