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About Cape Cod Beer

Cape Cod Beer was started in 2004 by Todd and Beth Marcus at the old Hyport Brewing Company at the west end of Main Street in Hyannis. Todd had been the brewer there since he had moved his family to Cape Cod in 1998.  The old brewery was originally known as the Cape Cod Brewhouse, and then subsequently known as the Hyannisport Brewing Company and lastly the Hyport Brewing Company.  Todd was laid off from the struggling Hyport restaurant brewery operation in December of 2003.  He eventually went back to the owner/operator of the business and asked if he could brew beer on the equipment which was not being used.  An agreement was struck and Cape Cod Beer came to life in April of 2004.  Our first summer we had a handful of accounts in the mid cape area, and Todd brewed, packaged and delivered the beer in Beth’s mini van, often with his two sons ( at the time 4 and 6 years old) in car seats in the back. Beth had what she likes to call “a real job” that included benefits for the family.  By 2005 Todd had secured space across town on Thorton drive where he was washing and storing kegs for wholesale accounts, and the tiny 500 sq foot brewery at the Hyport was open for growler sales a few hours a week.  By mid summer of 2005 the Hyport as a separate business was on it’s last breath.  Suddenly the business shut down overnight and Todd and Beth took over the lease on the building and eventually bought the equipment out of bankruptcy from the Hyport owner.  In 2006 Cape Cod Beer moved the brewing equipment out of the Main street location to the location at 1336 Phinneys lane and hired its first few employees – someone to help brew (Brian Flagg), and someone to help sell and deliver the beer (Blake Decker). Beth, who was doing the marketing, accounting and HR at night while still working her “real job” finally came to work for the business in the spring of2007.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Fast forward 17+ years and Cape Cod Beer still remains committed to keeping its beer hyper local, and as fresh as possible.  A lot has changed since 2004, including the concept of tap rooms and beer gardens, the ability to use mobile canning operations, and the explosion of breweries across the US but Cape Cod Beer remains committed to being a beer that Cape Cod can be proud to call its own!

Our Brewery

Our brewery is located at 1336 Phinney’s Lane in Hyannis and after an expansion project during the winter of 2016, currently consists of a 30 bbl 3 vessel system from Premier Stainless Systems. Fermentation/Cellaring includes: 2 x 60 bbl, and 9 x 30 bbl fermenters along with 2 x 60 bbl jacketed brites, 2 x 30 bbl jacketed brites , 1 x 20bbl single wall brite, 6 x 15 bbl single wall brites and 2 x 7 bbl single wall brites.

We have a maximum annual capacity of approximately 12,000 barrels.  We brew on average 8-10 times a week during the high season, and about half that during the off season.

We self distribute our products within approximately 50 miles of the brewery – from Plymouth to Provincetown. In total we have about 500 accounts that carry our beer, roughly 350 bars or restaurants and another 150 or so package store/liquor stores that carry our beer. You can find Cape Cod Beer near you by checking out our beer finder!

Cape Cod Beer: A Vacation in Every Pint from Ben Fraternale on Vimeo.

While a few years old this video still really captures the spirit of Cape Cod Beer.

Our Philosophy


Cape Cod Beer is built on FOUR PILLARS of standards

Cape Cod Beer is about beer. It’s about brewing the best beer possible, on Cape Cod, for the people who love Cape Cod. Its about having fun, and following Todd’s calling to brew beer professionally. It’s about sharing that experience with those we meet along the way that feel the same way about beer as we do.

1. Customer Service: We provide world class customer service to our wholesale customers and the guests we entertain every day at the brewery. Our goal is to ensure every person that leaves the brewery does so satisfied and happy with the experience. If we are not achieving that level of customer service on your account, we want to know about it.

2. Quality: The quality of our product is of the utmost importance to us.   We adhere to strict quality standards and testing procedures as part of our daily schedule. We’re produce only fresh, delicious beer! This is one of the reasons why we insist on our beer being kept cold.

3. Community: Being an active and supportive member of our community is very important to us. We participate in community events, support local business and donate to local charitable events. We are active chamber members, board members of local charities, and donate to hundreds of  local charities each year. We hope to lead by example and inspire others to get involved.

4.Conservation: Being good earth citizens is important to us. Cape Cod Beer does everything it can to minimize it’s impact on our environment. We recycle glass, paper, and plastic. We use water conservation and reclamation techniques in the brewing process. We only sell our products in refillable kegs or bottles or recyclable cans, and recycle or donate the spent grain from our brewing process to local farmers for feed or compost.

Thanks to our Supporters

Cape Cod Beer would not be brewing and distributing beer today without significant support from our friends and family. While there are way too many to name, if you’ve been involved, you know it and we do too! THANKS!

Thank you to our raving fans – the CCLAMS – who have been there every step of the way!

And thank you to our first couple tap accounts – for your faith in Cape Cod Beer.

Meet the BREW CREW


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Cape Cod Beer feels strongly about supporting the community where we live, work and sell our beer.
We actively participate in and promote business, community and charitable events.

We are members of the following Civic & Business organizations:

We’ve supported too many charities to name over the years.  We give hundreds of “in-kind” donations every year. To make a request for your event or charity, please click here

There are many people and organizations on Cape Cod working to accomplish great things and we try to help whenever we can.
Some organizations that have a special place in our heart include:

and so many more…

There are also plenty of local businesses who we believe share in our commitment to community and are happy to consider as friends:

Our Green EffortsCape Cod Beer ECO logo


At Cape Cod Beer we work hard to demonstrate our commitment to our green efforts. We consider the land on which we live and the resources it gives us a gift and do everything we can to make ourselves and our business “earth friendly.” We have made every effort in our manufacturing process to reduce, reuse or recycle in every possible way. We have also taken these steps in both our retail and wholesale components of our business.

Once upon a time we were certified “Cape & Islands Green” ~ Level One.



What makes Cape Cod Beer Earth Friendly?

  • We RECYCLE everything we can: Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Metal, Plastic, etc. Every Monday morning we take our box truck to the Barnstable Transfer Station loaded with 100s of broken down cardboard boxes, newspapers and office paper (approx 60 cubic feet per week), approx 30 lbs of plastic and metal recycling (all sample cups and used/returned bottle caps). We also bring along any and all glass bottles that are not fit for reuse – this equates to at least one 50 gal barrel per week. All of our employees and every person who tours are facility are educated on our recycling efforts and are encouraged to do so on their own.
  • We only sell our beer in refillable containers: KEGS & REFILLABLE GROWLERS keep glass out of our landfills.   Cape Cod Beer sells beer in ½ gallon refillable bottles called growlers. Every day we are open people bring their growlers in for refills, each time keeping that bottle from entering the landfill. Kegs are the ultimate refillable container.  Cape Cod Beer owns approx 1,200 kegs – many of which have been filled and refilled over 100 times since 2004.  Draught beers also keeps glass bottles out of the landfill!
  • Our brewing process RECLAIMS & RECYCLES water used to cool our wort. Before we can add yeast to our wort for fermentation we must cool the liquid down so as to not kill the yeast. This is done through the use of a heat exchanger where cold water from the municipal supply is used to cool down the wort. This water is reclaimed in our hot liquor tanks – basically meaning that the beer we brew today is brewed with water that was used to cool down yesterdays’ brew. This is at minimum 15 bbls or 465 gallons per batch.  In a years time that would be approx 78,000 gallons of water reclaimed and reused.
  • We’ve undergone a complete ENERGY AUDIT and converted to CF LIGHT BULBS throughout. As part of a program through the Cape Light Compact we have changed out all of our Halogen bay lights for CF bulbs, conserving energy. We also made some modifications and customizations to our new systems including: insulating the reservoir on the keg washer to better retain heat and reduce electricity, converting our old energy inefficient electric hot liquor tank to a gas powered boiler to heat hot water faster and more efficiently, as well as an insulated tank to store
    that hot water in. We are also researching some solar heating water heating options, as well as the opportunity to use brewery stack heat to pre-heat water. We are always looking to reduce energy use in our production area, and will continue to do so as new technologies are developed.
  • We RECYCLE SPENT GRAIN as animal feed & compost – keeping it out of the waste stream! Once the mashing process is complete, spent grains are considered a waste product. Our spent grains are utilized by several local farmers to feed pigs, and we continue to actively search out livestock farmers in our area. The remaining grains are composted.  Occasionally some spent grains are used by friends and family for baking cookies, breads and crackers, though we produce more spent grain than can be used in food products.
  • We sell & DISTRIBUTE OUR BEER WITHIN 50 MILES of our brewery – versus beers that come from all over the world!  Think Carbon Footprint! We have recently added a diesel box truck to our “fleet” and are considering the implications of converting it to bio diesel.
  • When we expanded our operation in 2008/09 we made every effort to consider GREEN CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES wherever possible. Much of our construction debris was reusable, and we know that our cinder blocks became a family’s retaining wall, and the floor to the old loft turned into a chicken coop. We also took advantcge of other’s construction debris, re-purposing lights that were coming out of a decommisioned CVS and putting them to use in our new second floor space, as well as re-purposing sliding glass doors  from a restaurant renovation project as windows in our new space.  A large quantity of office cubicles and furniture, which a local company had outgrown, suited us perfectly for just the right price! New materials we purchased were chosen with consideration as well, favoring a flooring material made from recycled products, and emitting the least volatile fumes.
  • As we move forward we continue to consider projects such as solar panels, roof top wind turbines and other EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES. Our new glycol chiller was built specifically to utilize excess heat build up to heat water, and our new keg washer was modified to our specifications to better retain heat and prevent heat loss.

We at Cape Cod Beer take our jobs as caretakers of the earth every seriously. We encourage our employees and their families, as well as our wholesale and retail customers to do the same. We believe wholeheartedly that there is so much more that the people of Massachusetts can do to reduce or waste stream and to be more earth-friendly, and we feel strongly that we need to lead by example and share our experiences with anyone who will listen and possibly be inspired to do so themselves.

We were honored to receive Mass Recycle Business Green Binnie Award on October 7th, 2008. For more info about the award go to massrecycle.org

Cape Cod Beer was honored to receive the 2016 Stewardship Award from CARE for the Cape and IslandsCARE for the Cape & Islands™ was founded in 2012 as the Cape and Islands’  first travelers’ philanthropy initiative.  As a travelers’ philanthropy initiative, CARE seeks to encourage, support, and create opportunities for visitors to donate their “time, talent, and treasure” to help preserve and protect the very things they travel here to see and enjoy: exquisite natural beauty, plant and wildlife habitats, Cape & Islands culture and history. The Stewardship Award recognizes Cape Cod Beer’s daily commitment to the ecology & economy of Cape Cod.

Tap Handles as Art

TAP COLLAGE1When we started in 2004 we picked out some generic tap handles from a big website and went with them.  They weren’t flashy or expensive. It was what we could afford, and handle at the time. They did the job but in our heart of hearts we knew we wanted something more local – more Cape Cod.

Over time our tap handles have evolved. The names
of the beer resulted in new “stickers” (see left photos 1 and 2).  We added some “local” designs with the help of Barnstable Bat Company (e.g. our beach-scavenged Beach Blonde handle, the Pilsner bat, the Old Man Winter shovel, and our Stargazer Stout light saber markers). We love these handles, and Barnstable Bat but we also wanted to try mediums other than wood.TAP COLLAGE2

In search of something interesting for the Harvest ale marker we talked to our friend and local metal artist Steve Swain from the Frying Pan Gallery who came up with a cool design for Harvest.  Over the years everyone always commented how much they loved our Harvest marker, so we talked more and more about having Steve design new markers for the year round beers.

And then the fun began…fine tuning the designs.  Softening some of the sharp edges. Fortifying the bases for those over exuberant draught pourers!

Steve also made us some super large versions that grace the walls of the brewery – very cool!


tasting wall

We LOVE the idea of all our tap handles being 100% locally made.  It means it was money that was spent right here in our own community. Money we did not spend on a product manufactured overseas. This results in so much more money being left in our own community! It is truly a WIN:WIN!