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Brewery Hours : Open Daily 12-6PM Friday Night Concerts 7-10PM
1336 Phinney's Lane Hyannis, MA

Tap Handles as Art

When we started in 2004 we picked out some generic tap handles from a big website and went with them.  They weren’t flashy or expensive. It was what we could afford, and handle at the time. They did the job but in our heart of hearts we knew we wanted something more local – more Cape Cod.

Over time our tap handles have evolved. The names
of the beer resulted in new “stickers” (see left photos 1 and 2).  We added some “local” designs with the help of Barnstable Bat Company (e.g. our beach-scavenged Beach Blonde handle, the Pilsner bat, the Old Man Winter shovel, and our Stargazer Stout light saber markers). We love these handles, and Barnstable Bat but we also wanted to try mediums other than wood.

In search of something interesting for the Harvest ale marker we talked to our friend and local metal artist Steve Swain from the Frying Pan Gallery who came up with a cool design for Harvest.  Over the years everyone always commented how much they loved our Harvest marker, so we talked more and more about having Steve design new markers for the year round beers.

And then the fun began…fine tuning the designs.  Softening some of the sharp edges. Fortifying the bases for those over exuberant draught pourers!

Steve also made us some super large versions that grace the walls of the brewery – very cool!

We LOVE the idea of all our tap handles being 100% locally made.  It means it was money that was spent right here in our own community. Money we did not spend on a product manufactured overseas. This results in so much more money being left in our own community! It is truly a WIN:WIN!

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