Belgian Tripel

Belgian Tripel

Availability: Exclusive, One-Time Pilot Brew

Style: Belgian Tripel

Description: Spicy and herbal

Belgian Tripels are known for being a strong, yet pale beer brewed by many Trappist monasteries, most notably Westmalle, among others. The grain bill for this beer and light hop additions really speak to the yeast-driven flavor profile. Spicy, herbal, bubbly, and weighing in at a hefty 9.5% ABV, this tripel is the perfect addition to our strong beers, especially for those not interested in some of our darker offerings. Serve around 40*F in fancy tulip-glass.

OG: 19.8 °P   ABV: 9.5%   IBUs: 31

Malts: German Pils

Hops: Czech Saaz

Packaging (subject to availability): Poured in Stemmed Tulip Glasses only at our 14th Birthday Party

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