Hoppy Cream Ale

Hoppy Cream Ale

Availability: June 9, 2017 – til gone

Style: Cream Ale

Description: This cream ale is very special. It is crisp, clean, refreshing & easy to drink with the complexity of American hops giving this beer a bump to the next level. Citrus, pine & other dank aromas compliment a refreshing dry character contributed to the beer from the use of locally bred, heritage native corn. The beer uses corn grist from an 8-row Flint Corn, bred by the University of Massachusetts Amherst & Plimouth Plantation, milled on 200-year-old French mill stones powered by water. This collaboration with Plimouth Plantation produced an interesting take on a historic beer using historic ingredients!

A delicious & landmark style of beer, the name Cream Ale is shrouded in mystery. There are many accounts that refer to the preference of brewers to allow this beer to naturally carbonate in the tank, instead of adding CO2, which gives the beer a creamier mouthfeel & foamier look in the glass. Others say it was due to the multiple strains of yeast, both ale and lager, or the mixing of low ABV stock ale with stock lager. Whatever the origins of this style, we like it & we hope you do as well!

ABV: 5.0%   IBUs: 25

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery


“Nature hath delighted it selfe to beautify this Corne with great Variety of Colours.”

A true Plimoth Plantation original! In the 1990’s Plimoth Plantation teamed up with botanists from UMASS Amherst to develop a corn which closely resembled period descriptions of the corn grown by the Wampanoag and adopted by the Pilgrims in the 1600’s. Plimoth 8-Row Flint Corn is the result.

To produce this multi-colored Indian corn with 8 rows of kernels, an ancient 8-rowed white corn called Naragansett White Cap Flint (still grown in Rhode Island for Jonnycakes), was crossed with multi-colored flint corns. Years of selected seed saving resulted in a beautiful multi-colored corn which exactly matches the descriptions by visitors to early Plymouth Colony.

Plimoth 8-Row Flint is grown for Plimoth Plantation by Lazy Acres Farm in North Hadley, MA.

The corn is stone ground on antique millstones and, like the first grist mill built in Plymouth in 1636, the waterwheel is powered by Plymouth’s Town Brook.

Flavor and Preparation

Plimoth 8-Row Flint Cornmeal has an earthy and assertive corn taste that will stand out in baked goods, imparting a delicious corny taste and aroma. The meal is a white to tan color with flecks of blue, red and yellow. Like its parent Naragansett White Cap Flint, Plimoth 8-Row Flint Corn makes delicious and authentic Jonnycakes.

Plimoth 8-Row Flint Sampe (grits) is likewise robust with a full corn flavor, making it an excellent choice for pairing with meats and sauces, like polenta. The flecks of color lend it a beautiful confetti-like appearance. The cornmeal and sampe are made from whole kernel corn and are milled in small batches between massive 200 year-old millstones.

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