Lucky No. 18 Double Barrel Imperial Stout

Lucky No. 18 Double Barrel Imperial Stout

Availability: Thursday, April 14th – until gone!

Style: Double Barrel Imperial Stout

Description: Rich, sweet & boozy

Lucky No. 18, our Nox Atra Imperial Stout, began its barrel-aging journey at the end of 2019.  After 14 months in a rum barrel, it was transferred to a bourbon barrel where it aged again for 14 months. In the end, this beer was “cooped up” for 28 months – kind of like the rest of us!  This made it an appropriate choice for a birthday beer, as we’re feeling particularly lucky that we’ve made it this far! Whether by luck or magic, the double barreling resulted in a beer that is rich, sweet, boozy, and complex – a beer worthy to celebrate our 18th year in business. Cheers!

ABV: 9% IBU: 75

Packaging (subject to availability): 500mL bottles ONLY!