Mostly Dark Rye IPA

Mostly Dark Rye IPA

Availability: April 7, 2017 – til gone

Style: Rye IPA

Description: Mostly Dark Rye IPA uses chocolate-roasted rye and chocolate-roasted wheat to achieve a complex mixture of roasted and nutty flavors combined with a wonderfully-dank hop aroma and taste. Chocolate malts do not have chocolate in them or infused OR ANYTHING. This is a style of heavily roasted grain, similar to black patent or roasted barley that is said to impart particular dark-chocolate flavors that blend well into beers that aren’t necessarily supposed to be dark and roast-y like a porter or stout. In this beer, the nuttiness of rye and the chocolate flavors imparted from a heavy roast give our “Mostly Dark” Rye IPA, the darkness it needs to be considered “mostly dark,” without journeying over into ashtray-cigarette-burnt toast category. The chocolate wheat gives this beer the body and head retention it needs, but also a bit of extra roast, just like the chocolate rye. The hop profile is all West-Coast and all dank. Perfect for the transition into spring, the balance of piney-resinous flavors with the subtle chocolate and toasted aromas will warm your heart and drive away those final chilly days.

ABV: 5.8%   IBUs: 50

Packaging (subject to availability): Pints & tastings at the brewery

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