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Brewery Hours: OPEN Sun 12-6pm, Mon 12-8pm, Tue 12-6pm, & Wed-Sat 12-8pm

1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, MA


Whole Foods Oktoberfest – 10/29

Join Cape Cod Beer at Whole Foods Oktoberfest Beer and Cheese Pairing on Saturday, October 29 from 4pm to 6pm.
990 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, MA

Cape Cod Red & Herve Mons  1924
Beer: A well-balanced amber ale with caramel and toffee malt notes and a subtle spicy hop character. Nothing but smooth sailing with this North American Style Amber Ale. This brew has a mouthful of malt flavor and just the right amount of hop character. The flagship of Cape Cod Beer, this beer won’t steer you wrong!

Cheese: Dense, rich and creamy, powerful, but well balanced is this amazing new blue. 1924 is very approachable and slightly sweet. Reminiscent of a cross between Roquefort and Stilton.

Harvest Ale & Challerhocker
Beer: A straw-colored German style ale similar to an Oktoberfest. Harvest has a rich German malt aroma. This specialty beer was brewed using a blend of 6 malts including German Munich, Vienna, Cara Pils and just enough noble hop character to provide a balanced finish.

Cheese: Washed in wine and spices and aged a minimum of 10 months. dense, creamy and notably velvety on the palette, smoother than traditional Appenzeller’s. There is a wonderful aroma as well, edging towards stinky, but with all of the cooked milk and floral notes of an alpine. In flavor the Chällerhocker is wonderfully complex; buttery, briny, nutty and earthy with a swirl of caramelized onions, cured beef, toasted almonds, grass and caramel.

Big Sea Saison & Willoughby
Beer: Big Sea Saison is a single-hopped farmhouse ale that features Sorachi Ace, a hop that was originally developed in Japan. This hop is cultivated from the famed Brewer’s Gold and Saaz hops and is known for its lemony flavor. The beer has a bright citrus overtone matched with an effervescent, dry finish, a hint of pepper and a little bit of funk.

Cheese: Willoughby’s thin, tacky rind imparts a lightly pungent, savory base to ripe-peach and cream flavors of the interior. The soft, edible rind is mild and complimentary in texture to the smooth interior

Porter & Rum Runner
Beer: Originally an off-season offering, our porter developed such a large following we decided to offer it year round. Porter – a dark, drinkable, chocolatey ale – got its start as the favored drink of the common man and physical laborers of East London and is the precursor of current day stouts. Works great as a dessert beer as well. Try it on ice cream (trust us).

Cheese: Delicious things happen when our rich and creamy BellaVitano takes a dip in locally made rum. Prepare for the unique hints of toffee and buttery notes that can only happen when a Wisconsin cheese meets Wisconsin rum.

Cape Cod IPA & Novak 7 year
Beer: This aromatic American Style IPA has a rich golden color & delivers a big, hoppy strike to your taste buds followed by a lingering blend of citrus with subtle malt undertones. India Pale Ale the way it ought to be. Watch out! It’s got a bite.

Cheese: Rich, nutty and perfectly balanced. Aging creates the crystallization adds a texture and lush mouthful that lingers and compliments a robust ale.

Beach Blonde Ale & Eidolon
Beer: A polished golden ale with a hint of toasted malt character and a clean finish. This refreshing, light-bodied American Blonde Ale is smooth and easy drinking. Perfect for the beach, the backyard or just relaxing after a long day. There’s an old saying that once you get the sand of the Cape in your shoes you’ll always return. We say, once you get a splash of Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale in your glass you’ll always come back for more.

Cheese: Delicate white rind has hints of mushroom and ripened fruit and encases a moist and cakey paste with the flavor of fresh, grassy milk. As it develops the cheese begins to soften near the rind.

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